Exploring the global tea trade at Genoa Science Festival 2015

Last week the newest iteration of Flows/Flujos was unveiled as part of the European Commission’s Global Systems Science meeting at the Genoa Science Festival.

Treading the steep route: circuits and flux in the global tea trade (Flows 2.0) was exhibited in the Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Italy.

An interactive installation, this work explores the abstraction from the trade of tea, anchored at both end points of production and consumption in direct trade and increasingly removed from its physical meaning as it flows between these points.

Masquerading as a conference refreshments stand, the work incorporates crowd-sourced audio recordings from significant points involved in the tea trade from around the globe, immersing the listener in the soundscape of tea production as they leverage this global network for their corporeal rejuvenation.

Treading the Steep Route was produced with thanks to:

Ajith de Alwis, Gayani de Alwis, COSTI (Sri Lanka), Dilmah Teas, Shezri Junaid, Alex Shure, Simon Barraclough, Kaveer Gogoi, Adrian Jones, Dr C Austen, Mr C Austen, Samantha Di Giovanni, Steve Banner, Sasha Kinney, Matt Freear, Brett Scott, Tom O’Dea, Jun Matsushita, Project SYMPHONY

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